Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to Save on Heating Costs

Although this is coming a little too late, I am hoping that you'll remember these tips for next year. We all know that the cost to heat your home is getting more and more expensive. The good news is that there are some simple remedies to help you save some money during those cold months.

1. One of the first things I would recommend is investing in a programmable thermostat. This allows you to program times where the temperature of your house will automatically go up or down. They are easy to set up and cost anywhere between $40 to $100. By programming your thermostat to reduce temperature when you are at work or in bed, you can save on your heating budget. (Be careful with any daylights savings time changes, though...we just realized we're always really cold in the morning because our thermostat didn't automatically adjust after Daylights Savings Time!)

2. Another easy fix is to check for leaks in windows or doors. One good way to do this is to take a lit candle or lighter and hold it next to the window. If the flame flickers or goes out, it's likely you have a leak. This can be fixed with weatherstripping or caulk.

3. Keep your furnace in working condition. Make sure you check the filter and change it when needed. Filters are cheap and keep your furnace running efficiently.

4. One of our favorites: Do your laundry in cold water rather than hot water (when possible).

Follow these tips, along with others you've picked up, and you'll see your gas bill fall next winter.

Please add tips in the comments section. I'm always interested to hear how others are saving.

Mr. Thrifty

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