Monday, March 23, 2009

Cheap Books!

As much as I want to be green, and save some cash, I am a horrible library patron. I don't return books on time, and I hate taking them on vacation out of fear they'll return home damaged, or worse, that I'll forget them at my destination! There are somethings you just want to have to keep, and books fall under that category for me.

So, out of necessity, I buy books, but I hate paying for something that most likely will only be read once.

Enter, a comparison shopping site for, what else...books!

You can enter a title, author, or ISBN number, and the site will return several results from major websites like Amazon, Half, and TextBookX. I did several searches, and it seemed that the best prices were always on the Amazon Marketplace. My favorite option on the sites is that you can either go directly to their coupon section and get coupon codes for retailers!

Mrs. Thrifty

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